Here are some of my translation jobs:

Business courses (Client: Thomson Course Technology, Thomson NETg & SumTotal & CBP “Certified Business Professional”).These are the main business & IT training courses providers in the world:


S.N. JobWord Count
1The new law of Sudan states21,000
2Work law of Kuwait18,000
3Medical agreements for Qatar 13,000
4Mid-term evaluation of the MEDA II programme for European Commission, EuropeAid Co-operation Office40,000
5Agreements & Contracts for HumanSoft, the main business & IT training provider in the Gulf area.22,000
6Translating a large batch of legal documents for the Special Court in Iraq70,000
7Translating Forex Dictionary, trading website12,000
8Translating, proofreading and QA of International Museum of Women, website
9Translating “Protection Manual for Human Rights Defenders” for IDEACCESS, International organization for Human Rights, Canada: www.ideaccess.org42,000
10Translating large projects for the International Criminal Court (ICC)100,000

S.N. JobWord Count
1Managerial Leadership 32,000
2Project Management 22,000
3Change Management 30,000
4Business Etiquette
5Call Center23,000
6Customer Service
7Sales Management34,000
8Conducting Meetings26,000
9Creativity and Innovation
10Effective Presentations43,000
11Frontline Leadership 40,000
12Negotiating 20,000
13Interviewing Skills 25,000

S.N.JobWord Count
1Translating the brochures and forms of Saint Elizabeth Regional Medical Center in Lincoln, Nebraska9,000
2Translating parts of the website of EUROPA, the portal site of the European Union (,000
3Translating the brochures and forms of Family Responsibility Office (FRO), Ministry of Community and Social Services, Canada (,000
4Translating the brochures and forms of Benetas, the new brand name for Anglican Aged Care Services, Australia (,000
5Translating all manuals of Medtronic company120,000

S.N.JobWord Count
1Military training courses and booklets for the US Army64,000
2International Criminal Court40,000
3Presentations for the Saudi and Iraqi Armies120,000

S.N.JobWord Count
1Arabizing Saudi Airways system18,000
2Arabizing Gulf Airways system9,000